Ultrasound scanning is not only being used to check the unborn baby but is also widely being used to image the reproductive and other organs in women for diagnostic purposes.

At International Ultrasound Services we are using the very latest imaging technology to diagnose many conditions and symptoms related to female health.

As this type of scan is using high-frequency sound waves instead of radiation, ultrasound procedures are believed to be completely safe.

Ultrasound procedures at International Ultrasound Services, London.

We offer a wide range of ultrasound procedures related to women’s health without the need for doctor’s referral to make your pathway from diagnosis to treatment as easy as possible without the paperwork burden associated with the NHS.

All our private ultrasound scans last between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the procedure with a chaperone service available.

The private ultrasound procedures we offer include:

Pelvic scansThis scan can be performed both transabdominally and transvaginally to diagnose any problems related to the reproductive anatomy mainly the uterus and the ovaries. You can find more information and the cost of our private pelvic ultrasound here.

Follicular tracking scans: This scan is being used to identify the best time to get pregnant.  Follicular tracking can be used to identify the time of ovulation on women with regular or irregular cycles to determine the best conception time.

Abdominal scansAs a routine check-up or to diagnose any abnormalities related to the upper abdomen such as problems with the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Abdominal ultrasound scans require you to fast for 4 hrs to reduce the amount of abdominal gas and to fully visualise the gallbladder.

Renal scans: To check the urinary system for any pathologies such as kidney stones. They are also the first procedure used to evaluate bladder problems such as increased urinary frequency.

Thyroid scans: These are performed to check the thyroid gland and the structures around the neck such as the lymph nodes.

Groin and Hernia scansHernias and groin lumps are very common and ultrasound can demonstrate these soft tissue lumps without the need for expensive procedures.


Why use IUS for your ultrasound in London?

  • Medical problems are very common and can be stressful. This is why at IUS we offer same or next day appointments without the need for a doctor’s request. We provide you with a report of the diagnostic treatment on the same day to enable faster more effective treatment.
  • Our ultrasound scans are carried out by NHS experienced sonographers from London’s top teaching hospitals.
  • We are using the latest diagnostic technology to identify pathology quickly and allow you to obtain any required treatment quickly.
  • We are located near Notting Hill Gate station and therefore we are easy to find.
  • Our scan prices are affordable and not a limiting factor to your health.


What other Ultrasounds examinations do we offer?


Baby scans: We complement the limited pregnancy ultrasound offer by the NHS with a range of affordable pregnancy scans for added reassurance and peace of mind.

Men UltrasoundsScans to evaluate health complains related to men’s health such as testicular procedures. Find more about men ultrasounds

Musculoskeletal scansThese are carried out by musculoskeletal specialist who is very experienced in imaging of MSK related to joins such as the shoulder and wrist. Find more about msk ultrasounds.

Doppler Venous/arterial scansUsed to image blood vessel pathology using Doppler techniques to analyse the flow of blood within vessels.