Thyroid and Neck Ultrasound

Thyroid and Neck Ultrasound Scan

Thyroid – 

The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland and it is located in front of the neck just above the collar bones. The thyroid and neck ultrasound scan produces pictures of the thyroid and the adjacent structures in the neck to diagnose suspected neck disease, for example, a lump in the thyroid or a thyroid that is not functioning properly. It is very common to find a lump on the neck as they are superficial and easily palpable. In most cases, these lumps are benign but a neck ultrasound scan will help to confirm this.

What is the purpose of this thyroid ultrasound scan?

The Thyroid and Neck ultrasound scan includes evaluation of:

Thyroid gland

Salivary glands

Adjacent structures in the neck

Reasons for having a neck and thyroid ultrasound scan include:

History of thyroid problems

To check the appearance of a known thyroid nodule

Determine the nature and origin of a lump arising from the neck

Swelling of the salivary glands

To evaluate the neck for any signs of lymphadenopathy i.e swollen lymph nodes

Thyroid disease

Abnormal swellings

Difficulty in Swallowing




What is included with this private thyroid and neck ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound report and if needed, a follow-up recommendation.


Preparation for the thyroid and neck ultrasound scan

No preparation is necessary for this thyroid and neck ultrasound scan.


What should I expect during the thyroid and neck ultrasound scan?

Before the neck scan, our sonographer will explain the ultrasound examination procedure. For this neck ultrasound scan, you will have to expose your neck and move any jewellery. We will place a small amount of gel on your neck and the transducer will slide up and down your neck to obtain the ultrasonic images
During and after the neck scan examination our sonographer will explain the findings and an ultrasound scan report will be issued to take away with you.