Hernia Ultrasound Scan

Abdominal and Urinary Tract Scan – In a Glance

  • Ultrasound scan for suspected Hernias
  • Inguinal, Femoral, Umbilical, Epigastric, Incisional and Spige;ian Hernias
  • No GP referral is required
  • Same time results to take away
  • Fully qualified, experienced NHS sonographers
  • No preparation is required
  • Same day appointments usually available.
  • Only £139
  • Book Online or over the phone

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  • A hernia in simple terms is a hole where something protrudes through. A hernia is most commonly found between the diaphragm and the symphysis pubis. Hernias are not painful unless they strangulate but feel uncomfortable.

    It is normally the intestine or fat around the intestine that protrudes through the hole and causes the lump that can be seen and felt. This lump normally pops out when abdominal pressure increases i.e when you cough or lift something heavy. The lump can be pushed in by gentling massaging it.

    Many people have abdominal hernias. As much as 10% of the population develop some type of a hernia during life. More than a half million hernia operations are performed in the United States each year.

    Many people can happily live with a hernia. Sometimes, however hernias might become larger and cause a medical emergency as tissue becomes trapped in the outpouching, loses its blood supply and dies.

What is the purpose of this scan?

The hernia ultrasound scan will evaluate the area of suspected hernia, for example:

  • Epigastric region
  • Umbilical region
  • General groin region
  • Inguinal canal
  • The area in the abdomen where the suspected hernia is.

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    • Lump in the abdomen or groin
    • Heavy feeling in the groin or abdomen
    • Pain and swelling in the scrotum ( inguinoscrotal hernia)
    • Discomfort with bowel movement or during urination
    • Discomfort when lifting or moving  heavy items
    • Discomfort towards the end of the day, especially if you have been active

What is included with this ultrasound scan?

  • Ultrasound report and if needed, a follow-up recommendation.


No preparation for this scan is neccesary.

What should I expect during the soft tissue ultrasound scan?

Our sonographer will explaine the procedure before the scan.

You will be asked to lie on the examination table and expose the area, where the lump is. A small amount of gel will be placed on the skin and the ultrasound probe will be moved in different directions to evaluate the area with the swelling.

During and after the examination our sonographer will discuss with you the finding and a report will be issued to take away.

Price: £139.00

What Our Clients Say?

You can see all our Genuine reviews at Google.

  • Iannelli Dyer Avatar
    Iannelli Dyer
    2/04/2020 – Google

    Highly recommend this clinic! They have a wide range of availability to accommodate the work day, and they were flexible with changes. Yianni was very professional, trusting, and friendly. He made us feel comfortable informed, and made our first “early scan” a really positive experience!!

  • Brittney Francis Avatar
    Brittney Francis
    2/01/2020 – Google

    Yianni and his assistant Gina were absolutely fantastic. They were extremely personable and reassuring. They really made the whole experience a lovely one. The clinic is easily accessible and clean. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

  • Lindsey Blizard Avatar
    Lindsey Blizard
    2/22/2020 – Google

    Attended today for an ultrasound on my shoulder as I have frozen shoulder. Tareq and his assistant Gina were highly professional and Tareq was informative about the procedure and findings during the scan. He was also helpful in making suggestions about further treatment. Would definitely recommend. His report was emailed to me within an hour if the scan.

  • Christopher Allen Avatar
    Christopher Allen
    2/29/2020 – Google

    Incredibly quick and easy online booking process. I was researching in the early hours of the morning concerned about some blood results, and I was able to book an ultrasound for the same day at a very reasonable price. Tareq was wonderful and once I told him I had a medical background he explained the more detailed scan results to me clearly and reassuringly. Very happy with the service and would highly recommend. Thanks so much.

  • Yash Gill Avatar
    Yash Gill
    3/03/2020 – Google

    Excellent service! Was made to feel comfortable from the get go. Everything was explained brilliantly and thoroughly. Would highly recommend this place. Yianni was awesome!

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Yianni Kiromitis PgC Medical Ultrasound, BSc(Hons) - Medical Ultrasound Practitioner

Yianni Kiromitis PgC Medical Ultrasound, BSc(Hons) - Medical Ultrasound Practitioner

Author- Yianni Kiromitis PgC Medical Ultrasound, BSc(Hons) - Medical Ultrasound Practitioner

Specialities: Abdomen, Small Parts, Gynaecology/Obstetrics and Vascular...
Yianni Kiromitis is a London based NHS and Private Medical Sonographer, with more than 20 years’ experience in Healthcare.

Reviewed: 07/04/2020 by Yianni Kiromitis PgC Medical Ultrasound, BSc(Hons) and Tareq Ismail Pg (Dip) Medical Ultrasound,

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