Bsc (Hon) Diagnostic Radiography, Pg (Dip) Medical Ultrasound

(English, Arabic, Armenian, French and Spanish speaker)

I obtained my Bachelors degree in Radiography from the University of Hertfordshire in 2003 after which I was employed at the East and North Herts NHS Trust. I commenced my Ultrasound training the following year and obtained my post graduate Diploma in summer of 2006 from South Bank University. The following 4 years at the East and North Herts Trust were invaluable for me to consolidate my ultrasound experience. During those years I became proficient at obstetric, gynaecological, abdominal, testicular and vascular ultrasound.
After the East and North Herts Trust,  I spent one year working at Northwick Park Hospital which provided me with valuable further experience in obstetric ultrasound as they have a very  busy maternity unit.


From December 2012 until this date I have been employed at Imperial College NHS Trust (St Mary’s hospital). These years have hugely increased my experience in other fields of ultrasound such as musculo-skeletal ultrasound, lumps & bumps, hernias and 3D assessment of the uterus for patients with a history of recurrent miscarriages. Two years ago I was promoted to ultrasound superintendant which involves managing the ultrasound department of a large London hospital which performs over 4000 ultrasound examinations per year.


British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS)



While I was leading the St Mary’s Hospital ultrasound team I was featured in Imperial Colleges’ careers.