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Private ultrasound for women such pelvic scan, abdominal scan, thyroid.


Private scans for men including testicular ultrasound, abdominal, urinary tract.

Baby Scans

Pregnancy scans complimentary to the ultrasound scans provided by the NHS.

Private Ultrasound London

Our private ultrasound clinic is conveniently located in the heart of London just a few minutes walk from Notting Hill Station.

Private Ultrasound

Private Ultrasound Scan London

We offer a wide range of private baby scans as well scans for men and women in London.

Private Ultrasound Scan

Diagnostic ultrasound is a non invasive diagnostic tool  to visualize the structures of human internal organs inside the body

The sonographer will measure your baby.

Ultrasound technology uses high frequency sound waves to produce ultrasound images of the unborn child  as well as the abdomen, the uterus,  ( the womb), the ovaries, the bladder the pancreas

Doppler ultrasound evaluates blood flow of internal organs and blood vessels such as arteries and veins.

Medical ultrasound is being used to diagnose

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Ultrasounds is the imaging choice in pregnancies and it is being used to confirm the heartbeat in early pregnancy, gestation age, ectopic pregnancies, amniotic-fluid and evaluate the anatomy of the unborn baby.

Ultrasounds can be 2d or three-dimensional as well as transabdominal (through the abdomen) or transvaginal ultrasound (through the vagina)

Ultrasound imaging or sonogram uses ultrasound waves produced by the ultrasound machine and transmitted through a handheld probe. The pregnancy scan is ionizing radiation free and therefore safe for the pregnant woman.

Our imaging centre is located in the heart of London.


Sonography is a noninvasive Diagnostic imaging modality and the first choice for abdominal ultrasound to detect gallstones as well as during pregnancy.

Imaging Services

In our imaging centre we offer the following services.

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